10 Minute HIIT workout that requires no equipment!

We all know that the biggest excuse we tell ourselves is “I just don’t have the time” when it comes to working out, so we decided to come up with a quick routine which takes time out of the equation!

HIIT stands for high intensity Interval training and describes any workout, which contains bursts of exercise coupled with more relaxed exercise. So for example if you were to sprint for a minute, then walk for another minute and then immediately sprint for another minute, repeating this for a duration of time, it would be considered a HIIT workout.

There are many benefits of HIIT workouts, including boosting your metabolism, burning calories and fat in a short period of time even after you’ve stopped working out, burns fat not muscle and improves your overall fitness and endurance.

All you need to do our 10 minute workout is (as the name suggests) 10 minutes, and a flat area big enough for you to move around in.

You have 60 seconds to complete each exercise before you move straight on to the next, if you finish the exercise within 60 seconds then you have the remainder of the minute to rest before the next minute starts.

The below is a quick and straight forward HIIT workout, where your body is working hard for a duration of time with an elevated heart rate. HIIT workouts are good for burning fat and improving your fitness!

These are the 10 simple exercises that we’ve chosen:

1)      20 body squats

2)      30 seconds of intense skipping (30 seconds rest)

3)      20 sit ups

4)      20 lower abs crunches

5)      10 walking planks (5 each side)

6)      20 push ups

7)      30 leg lifts (15 each side)

8)      20 lunges

9)      10 burpees

10)   30 high knees


Remember that if you have more time to spend or feel like you can go another round then all you need to do is repeat the workout!