Friday Focus: Interview with Kelly Miller

This is the first in a series of fortnightly Q&As we will be running with a selection of popular fitness Instagrammers, bloggers and influencers. The blogs will be short and sharp and hopefully will give you an insight into how some of the #fitfam stay healthy.

Our first expert is Kelly Louise Miller who runs an Instagram account focused on fitness and in particular tennis.

Here are her answers:

1. Who are you, and where do you come from?

My name is Kelly Miller, I’m a tennis performance coach and I live in Middlesbrough.

2. Who’s your fitness inspiration?

My biggest fitness inspiration would have to be Suzanne Svanevik who is a Cross Fit Athlete from Norway. She’s still only 21 yet she puts most men to shame with how much weight she can lift.

3. What’s your go-to exercise?

My go-to exercise would have to be the dead lift. It helps me build strength for when I am on court and it’s also a great functional movement that helps in every day life. I always look forward to leg day however it’ the day after that I don’t particularly enjoy.

4. Favourite pre and post workout fuel?

For pre workout you just want to get a few simple sugars in such as fruit. I find that dates work well for me. Also I find that a spoon of coconut oil is also great for quick energy.

As for post workout I’ll usually have a quick boost of protein within about half an hour of finishing. ProWater is great for this as it also hydrates the body. Then I normally have something more substantial within the next 2 hours of my workout, usually a meal that consists of carbs, protein and fats.

5. What will we find you doing when you’re not in the gym?

When I’m not in the gym I enjoy spending my time with friends and family. I also love to travel!

6. Any fitness/life goals for 2017?

My main goal this year was to find a nutrition sponsor which I’ve already managed to achieve!

The other goals I’ve set for myself this year are to improve my lifts in the gym and gain more strength.

7. Best piece of fitness advice?

My best piece of advice would be simply just to work hard and not give up. It’s a slow process but no one ever achieved their goal by giving up!


Click here to check out Kelly’s Instagram.