Friday Focus: Nick Alexander Jones

Welcome to Friday Focus! This week we catch up with ProWater fan and 2016 English GrandPrix Champion Nick Alexander Jones, whose gym selfies and workout advice have earned him over 45,000 Instagram fans.

Here are his answers!

1. Who are you, and where do you come from?

My name’s Nick Alexander Jones and I’m from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in the UK.

2. Who’s your fitness inspiration?

My biggest inspiration has to be The Rock.

3. What’s your go-to exercise?

Lateral raises.

4. Favourite pre- and post-workout fuel?

Pre-workout I eat chocolate caramel Rice Krispie squares. Post-workout I have a bowl of multi-grain Cheerios with unsweetened almond milk.

5. What will we find you doing when you’re not in the gym?

At home with my wife and daughter.

6. Any fitness/life goals for 2017?

To be bigger and better than 2016!

8. Best piece of fitness advice?

Be consistent and remember real changes take time.

Click here to see Nick’s Instagram.