Friday Focus: Interview with Kim Wedlock

  1. Who are you, and where do you come from?

I’m Kim Wedlock, and I live in ‘sunny’ Bristol!

  1. Who’s your fitness inspiration?

My fitness inspiration is Jillian Michaels. The things she can do and her passion for doing it spurs me on – for jealousy, mostly, but if it works, why change it? But there was no single person who inspired me to get into fitness, instead it was simply a desire to lose weight, but as I progressed and saw results, I found I had a passion for it, and I have since transformed my body as well as my life, as cheesy as that sounds. It’s also taught me a lot about food and biology.

  1. What’s your go-to exercise?

Kettlebells and kickboxing are my absolute favourites, especially for fat loss and toning, but in terms of expanding skill, body weight workouts are the most rewarding. I prefer not to use equipment like leg press machines, because they just don’t work the same number of muscles as body weight exercises. A weighted squat will put the same pressure on the legs, but also work the core for balance and stability, and the arms and shoulders for holding onto the weight and squeezing it. Also, the satisfaction of burpees moving from the status of ‘worst exercise in the world’ to ‘yeahhh I can do a few of those’ is immense.

  1. Favourite pre- and post-workout fuel?

I usually workout in the morning, so my breakfast is my fuel. As such, a scoop of wholegrain oats, a scoop of strawberry protein powder and 2 tsp of baobab makes a delicious breakfast and provides the perfect fuel. As for post-workout, a chicken sandwich or a protein drink like ProWater and some fruit.

  1. What will we find you doing when you’re not in the gym?

When I’m not at the gym, I’m almost certainly at home. I’m a full-time carer for my mum who has multiple sclerosis, which I think has contributed to my desire to keep active and moving. While caring at home, however, I’ve been able to start up a handmade jewellery shop, Myth of the Wild, and I’ve been able to pursue my dream of being a published fantasy writer – The Archguardians of Laceria is my first published work. So, you’ll generally find me next to my mum with clay in one hand and a laptop in the other.

  1. Any fitness/life goals for 2017?

This will be the year I obtain my dream body. It will. And how? Through rest.

I made a mistake last year and despite all my hard work I saw little in the way of results. Why? Because I overworked my body. I didn’t give it the rest it needed and instead pushed it through 50-minute HIIT workouts 5 days a week, and as a result I suffered injuries, fatigue and absolutely no visible results for an entire year. But I wouldn’t stop because I figured I wasn’t working hard enough and was too afraid to stop. That’s why my new year’s resolution for 2017 was to back off, exercise less and learn to identify when I need a day off, and to actually take it. So I’m doing 3 30 minute HIIT workouts a week, kickboxing for 50 minutes on another, and stretching with Lastics on another. In the past month and a half I’ve already seen more change than I did throughout the entirety of 2016.

  1. Best piece of fitness advice?

Aside from the above, the best piece of advice I can give is to understand and accept that no one is ‘perfect’. Your dream body might be Beyonce or Kate Hudson, but your body might have other ideas. So don’t ever compare yourself to other people, but do observe. If you look at different fitness trainers, you’ll notice that, though they can all be described as fit and slender, their bodies are all different. Some women can build a six pack, most can’t. Some women will have tapered waists, others will be quite straight. Some will have sleek, straight inner thighs, others will have a little bump (others may have a bigger bump). By recognising this, you’ll learn that your body will go its own way, and to embrace that fact. You won’t look like anyone else, your body will be your own fit body – and quite possibly the envy of others.

Also, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do. Fact.

  1. Favourite people to follow online? (Please include links)

Jillian Michaels –

Cassey Ho –

Darebees –

  1. What inspired you to start writing?

Initially, I blogged about crafts and personal things, so my blog was already established, but as fitness became a growing passion, over the past four years my blog has gradually taken on a health and fitness flavour instead. I’ve lost lots of old followers and gained lots of new ones, and most importantly, I’ve helped a lot of people through private messages and informative posts based on the things I’ve learned. When I started blogging about fitness it was a means to keep track of my progress and, by publicly talking about it, I made it harder to back out and give up. Since then I’ve become known for honest, in-depth fitness reviews of all kinds of DVDs and bringing to people’s attention lesser-known methods of fitness via indie trainers, like Pound and Kukuwa.

  1. Have you always been into your sport and fitness?

Goodness, no. I always hated PE in school – despite that, though, I never once skived off. I always showed up for class, even though I was that kid who was always picked last, and I wasn’t very good at any of it (I was also and still am a weirdo, both of which contributed to being picked last). In fact, I was so bad but so persistent that I got a certificate for ‘perseverance’. It’s funny when I think back – what would be PE teachers say if they saw me now?

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