FridayFocus: Back and shoulders

In our sixth FridayFocus instalment we look at which exercise you can use to bulk up your shoulders and tone your back muscles!

1. Shrugs

Nothing is said to be better for your shoulders than shrugging. It’s one of the most effective ways to get bigger traps and you’ll often hear fitness professionals talking about the benefits of the movement.

2. Barbell Shoulder Press

One of the biggest reasons the Barbell Shoulder Press is so popular for building bigger shoulders is because it works your balance and core as well as your delts. The movement also works your upper pectoral muscles, triceps and traps.

3. Front Plate Raise

The Front Plate Raise is an extremely easy but also effective movement for working the shoulders and all you need is a bit of space and a plate.

4. Pushups

Push-ups are one of the most simple exercises to do and involve no equipment. They are extremely effective for working your back and shoulders and also improves balance and core strength.

5. Military Press

Most of the work whilst doing this movement is left to the front and side delts, however it also works your rear delts, upper pectoral muscles, triceps and traps. This exercise is also excellent for building on your core strength and stability.

6. Wide-Grip Smith-Machine Upright Row

The Smith-Machine Upright Row focuses your efforts on your shoulders and upper back muscles. You will also feel your shoulders burning more than other bar exercises as you have to guide the bar down slowly, meaning there is constant strain on your muscles.

7. Pull-ups

A pull-up is a fundamental compound exercise which means it works multiple muscle groups all at the same time. Pull-ups are not only great for your back and shoulders but also do lots for your biceps.

8. Dumbell Front Raise

Dumbell Front Raises are one of the best movements when it comes to working your anterior shoulder muscles. They are great for building shoulder mass and give you improved functional ability.

9. Arnold Press

Any overhead presses are compound movements and work different muscle groups, just like pull-ups, and the Arnold Press is no different. The primary muscles which are worked are Anterior Deltoids but the Arnold Press also works Triceps Brachii, Deltoid Lateral, Supraspinatus, Trapezius Middle, Trapezius Lower, Serratus Anterior Inferior Digitations, Triceps Long Head, Trapezius Upper and the Levator Scapulae.

10. Seated Lateral Raise

The Seated Lateral Raise is an exercise which works your lateral deltoids and helps create bulk on the shoulders. However making sure you have good form is key to making sure the lateral deltoids are worked properly.

Form is the key to having effective workout sessions and avoiding injury, so remember this next time you hit the gym!