Friday Focus: Interview with Daz The Bull

In this weeks FridayFocus we spoke to Daz, a competitive bodybuilder who’s got a passion for all things fitness!


Who are you and where do you come from?

My Name is Darren Nicholhurst (Aka THE BULL).

I’m a multi sponsored competitive bodybuilder that works with and writes for FLEX magazine, the worlds largest bodybuilding publication. I also diet prep and work with some of the most famous singers, actors and athletes around.

I’m involved with sports nutrition development from design to end user, and currently working on a new lifestyle business with an amazing celebrity chef.


What’s your fitness inspiration?

My inspiration to get into the fitness industry was watching the Arnold Schwarzenegger films as a child. My dad had a building company and I just wanted to be strong and powerful so I could work harder. Then I saw the film PUMPING IRON and I knew I wanted to be a bodybuilder, and the guy in the magazines.


What’s your go-to exercise?

I don’t really have a go to exercise, I’m not an egotistical trainer.

I train for results, I’m not interested in personal best lifts or beating anyone. I train to gain, and I simply just want results without wasting time. Each exercise is as important as the rest.


What’s your favourite pre and post workout fuel?

My favourite Pre-Workout is probably MR HYDE by ProSupps.

Its a very strong but great tasting pre.

Regards to a post shake, I have a whole load of things.

I use individual products like Isolate protein, creatine, L- Glutamine, some carbs and HMB.


What will we find you doing when you’re not in the gym?

When I’m not in the gym, I’m usually working on a project of some sort. I do many things in the fitness industry so there is always a show to attend, article to write or prep for someone to plan.

I also work closely with a friend who has pieced together the DNA evidence of who historic serial killer Jack The Ripper was, which resulted in a world wide book release and us making history with the results.

I don’t really get much free time, I love to work and experience the many different things that comes with that. I feel very fortunate that my work gives me these amazing opportunities like for example, Going to The BAFTA..


Any fitness/life goals for 2017?

My goal for 2017 isn’t really a personal one. After a tragic 2016 with watching my brother pass away in 40 days due to Pancreatic Cancer from living a very unhealthy high sugar, processed food diet all his life. My goal is to help educate and motivate people to be more aware of what they eat, and show them that you can eat healthy and not to live on simply carbs, but to embrace proteins and quality sources of them.

I’m a very motivated guy, so my training is always intense and driven. This year will be as driven as the year I started.


Best piece of fitness advice?

Listen to someone with years of experience. Try to learn from the best and be consistent with everything you do. Consistency in each aspect of what you need to do will make sure your goals being achieved.

Everything has a process, follow that process and win.


Favourite people to follow online?

To be honest, I don’t actively follow anyone. I know all my idols personally as friends. So we talk or message regularly. I’m a very busy guy and don’t have time to follow or search through profiles. I spend what time I do have talking to my friends and family as it’s important to make time for true relationships between close people around me.


What would you be doing if you weren’t a bodybuilder?

If I wasn’t a bodybuilder, I really am not sure. Maybe a Paramedic. I’m really not sure. I knew from 13 that I was going to be doing what I’m doing today with the amazing people I work with, so I never considered doing anything else.

If you want to achieve, there is only one way, and one goal. I never considered giving in.


Have you always been into your sports and fitness?

When I was at school I was always stronger than the other boys, simply because I was out with my dad working, even as a small 6 year old boy. I would go along to his work and try and carry building materials and tools and do anything that was work.

I was always good at sports, even if i never understood the rules, but I was never competitive with others. I would never turn up for sports days as I never wanted to win and beat my friends. I just found it embarrassing and not nice to be better than others.

I think this is why I liked bodybuilding, it’s a competition against yourself, and your own mind. Years of training your thoughts and beating your own goals and pushing yourself beyond what is possible.

I like the fact that I can say “NO“ to anything, and make myself do or achieve anything. This strength has only come from healthy food and healthy training, which in turn gives me healthy strength of mind.


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