WednesdayWorkout: Zac Efron

In this week’s WednesdayWorkout we looked at how Zac Efron went from being a skinny teenager in High School Musical, to a shredded life guard in Baywatch.

Efron’s workout routine consisted of lots of cardio, as well as muscle exercises targeting his whole body. His trainer has said one of the most effective elements of Efron’s training was the super-set format, meaning that once he finished his allocated reps for an exercise, he would immediately begin the secondary movement.

His workout is separated into 3 different sets.

The first set is:

  • Straight arm pulldown super-setted with ab rollout
  • Seated cable row super-setted with suspended row
  • Neutral grip pull-up super-setted with lat pulldown from knees
  • Chin up super-setted with dumbbell bicep curl

This set of exercises work your arms mainly, however a few of the exercises also work your lower back and shoulders.

The second set is:

  • Leg press super-setted with suspension squat jump
  • Swiss ball hip extension super-setted with Swiss ball leg curl
  • Reverse jumping lunge super-setted with mountain climbers on sliders
  • Dumbbell Romanian deadlift super-setted with kick butts
  • Unstable single leg calf raise super-setted with suspension trainer single leg squat hop

These exercises provide an all body workout, with compound movements like the squat and lunges. Mountain climbers are also great at working multiple parts of your body at once, and are often included in HIIT workout routines.

The third and final set is:

  • Dumbbell squat front raise super-setted with cross body cable raise
  • Dumbbell floor press super-setted with push-up
  • Incline dumbbell press super-setted with dumbbell overhead press
  • Cable chest press super-setted with bosu plyo pushup is spelling correct?
  • Single arm pushdown super-setted with single arm curl

The squat in this set provides an all body workout aspect, however this group of exercises is targeting your chest and arms, as well as your shoulders.

All of these exercises work different areas of your body and muscle groups, guaranteeing that nothing will be left untouched. Each set of exercises should be repeated over an 8-day period with rest days in-between to avoid injury.

It is also vital to remember that Zac Efron was already phenomenally athletic before undergoing this transformation, therefore he was able to do high repetitions and weights for these exercises. However for people who are not already athletic, it is better to begin at lower reps and weights to avoid injury.